Monday, January 14, 2013



Yes you read that right, my youngest Daughter is “Free to a good home” because she is clearly not related to me, and might belong to you.  You wonder how I came to this conclusion please read on to find out.  This morning she informed me that “Making CARDS is a waste of paper” then she went on to explain that “It takes trees to make paper and you kill trees” Lastly she goes on to say  “I am ruining the environment by cutting down trees that makes the paper.”

 I think she may have had a change of heart these past few days because I was not at home and was attending an AWESOME Leadership event with 1,500 of my closest stamping friends, and she was home having to clean her room with her Dad.  Or she has been misinformed that most paper is made from renewable sources. So if you think you might be related to her please drop me a message and I will let you know if you are a suitable new home for her.  But be warned she may not let you purchase any paper products, this would include not only paper crafting supplies but also paper towels and toilet paper(I am sure she will let you use leaves that fall off the trees, but she might need them for her compost pile.)  Please feel free to share if you know someone interested in a “Free to good home child”.

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